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Check out the Wilful Misunderstandings blog on Google+.  

It may even make some sense.


Okay, you've browsed the site & read the blog, yet somehow

your life is incomplete, & will remain so without a copy of 'Wilful

Misunderstandings' in your hands.  So now you

can click this delightful lilac button... and get one!






An arcane selection of favourite sites to peruse when you have a moment to spare in your busy schedule:



Leah Moore and John Reppion - 2 fine writers for the price of one.




Jamie Delano - if you want grim, go to him.




Lepus Books - wielders of psychotropic ink.




Melinda Gebbie - exquisitry for the eyes, blasts for the brain.




Pete Williamson - tasteful weirdness and oversized eyeballs.





Quinn Pohl - Cool and sensitive shorts from an up & coming film maker




John Higgs - Knows about things that you don't, writes books about 'em




David Nelson Band - 'The best damn band you've never heard of'




Slugger O'Toole - for an enlightened eye on Irish and other politics,

Slugger's yer man



RG Gregory - step into the Cathedral of the Ordinary Human Spirit*



Emily Hinshelwood - poet, playwright, activist and Renaissance woman




*Since Greg's death in 2017, the COHS website is, alas, no more.  I have changed the link so it now goes to his Guardian obituary, written by his daughter Pat.


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