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September 2018 Update


Events came and went and there's nothing in the pipeline performance-wise just at the moment.  Which may be just as well as, three years in now, I'm just approaching end of first draft of my novel, 'Flash Company' and need to buckle down to revising it.  More info on this soon.


Shaftesbury Fringe Festival 2018















I performed to a small but select audience at the Shaftesbury Fringe Festival.  No photos this year, unless any come up on the Fringe website, but it went well.  From WMs I read 'Eyewash' and 'Jonathan & the Extraordinary Drawer', plus a couple of shorter, more recently written pieces.  Here's a link to an interview on Soundcloud, prior to the event:





Or paste this link in your browser:


'Tears in the Fence Festival' September 2018













Someone was counting at the Tears in the Fence 2018 festival., and it transpires that between its start on the Friday evening and its finish on Sunday lunchtime 389 poems were read - this by somewhere in the region of 40 readers.  I've written a small personal account of the event and you can find that on my blog at:  It's the entry dated September 17th, if you come to this after I've blogged on past that date and we are meeting somewhere in the future.  It really just points to some of my personal highlights from the festival, but just about everything I heard had merit, even when it went some way over my head as to what it actually meant. Should you wish to know more there are links from the blog to the TitF website.


During the festival I spoke to the estimable Andrew Henon and asked about video of my performance at the previous festival in 2017.  Blow me down, if he didn't post it on YouTube the very next day.  Thanks Andrew.  Here's the link:

You'll see and hear me reading a longish prose piece, tentatively titled 'Patter' and two poems: 'Anthropocene Wisdom' and 'Ouch!'  Enjoy!


Getting back to 2018, here's a couple of photos from the festival.


























This one's of my reading, with festival organiser and TitF editor, David Caddy, MC for this session, in the background.
















Some of the audience.  Poets and writers all.  I'm at the back there, waiting to flog more books on the book table.  Like most people there, probably, I bought more books than I sold of my own.  But 3 copies of Wilful Misunderstandings did at least find their way to good homes.





Old pics




























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TITF Festival 2018
me at 2018 titf fest
2018 titf fest 2
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