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September 2019 Update


Ahh, June came and went, and so did 'Stirred Into Dreams', which I performed to an audience of around 35 people when the due date and time arrived.  On the whole it went pretty well, with the exception of a faulty socket in my laptop that meant the connection with the amplifier/speakers was prone to making ugly noises following any disturbance, usually as I stepped on certain floorboards of the 'Assembly Room' where the performance took place.  Kind of put me off my stride more than once, but most audience members (with one or two technically minded exceptions) to whom I spoke afterwards claimed to be so rapt that they hardly noticed.  Deep appreciation or English politeness?  You decide.  





























Here's a link to the interview where I talked about 'Stirred Into Dreams'





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'Tears in the Fence Festival' September 2019


Packed as ever with fine poets eager to read their work, my intention to repeat 'Stirred' during the Saturday evening session was by necessity reduced.  With no one else getting more than 20 minutes to read, it felt kind of OTT to insist on the 45 minutes I'd have needed.  So I did the second half of the programme only, reading the Wilful Misunderstandings story 'Patience' to an accompaniment of electronica from my laptop, this time bypassing the faulty socket problem with the help of bluetooth speakers. Not that connecting with those was without difficulty.  Long story.  You probably don't want to know.






















As I mentioned in earlier news, this event was a feast of poetry and no mistake. Find out more and follow updates at:


During a planning meeting for this event (I run the book selling stall) I finally got round to asking the ever helpful Andrew Henon, who videoed last year's event, for a clip of my reading back then.  He has duly obliged and here's a link to it.

The recording starts just after MC David Caddy (editor of Tears in the Fence and seen sat at the table behind me) has introduced me by name and starts with a contradiction.


Since last year I've picked up an app that enables me to download copies of both of Andrew's videos (2017 & 2018) and I had hoped to load them onto the website shortly in MP4 format.  For some reason, however, they don't load as videos but as rather temporary links to them.  So links to the YouTube videos appear on the Wilful Misunderstandings page of this site instead.


And finally (for now)...


Wilful Misunderstanding story 'The House Where Jack Dwelt' is to appear in issue 49 of Irish sf/fantasy magazine Albedo One, which I'm told is due to appear in August this year, to coincide with the SF World Conference in Dublin commencing on the 15th.  This story was submitted and accepted by the editors as far back - I think - as a couple of years before WMs was published.  As I wanted it in the book, I had to withdraw fthe offer of first publishing rights  when I published.  I thought that was the end of it, but recently a gent named Roelof Goudriaan contacted me with a request to print the story.  End of saga...


Have recently contacted Roelof Goudriaan for an update on this, as neither issue 48 nor 49 have appeared on the website.  Apparently they have been printed but there is some kind of problem with distribution.  We wait with baited breath.













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